the glimpse ahead

I started this blog just over two years ago. Like many others seeking meaning during this time, I went back to the basics and thought about joy. When I think of what brings me joy, I think of play—the kind of play we have as children—unbothered, glittering with curiosity and free from the weight of tough lessons. So I committed myself to play. I played, learning to let go expectations, allowing myself to make mistakes, finding amusement in the nonsensical, seeing magic in the mundane.

It hasn’t been easy these last couple of years. Again, like many, I lost loved ones, grieved with friends and family as they battled serious health conditions, grappled with being unstable, felt my safety threatened, worked through my own chronic health issues, and even had my heart broken. But I also faced past traumas head on, learned how to set and enforce boundaries, comfort and hold my inner child, learn to love the parts of me that aren’t perfect, found the courage to choose myself, and I even met joy many times along the way. Renewed and free, I feel ready for what’s ahead and to experience it all with a truly open mind and heart.

I’m feeling a little bit wiser, a little bit tougher, a little bit softer, and very ready to see what 2023 has ahead.