Virtual community

With Los Angeles facing rising cases of COVID and COVID-related deaths, I’ve taken precautions by physically isolating more strictly. I felt the mental and emotional strain of being away from family and community during the holidays. I’m still feeling it. Virtual dance parties have been great, but do you ever just need a hug sometimes? A big, tight hug?

I ended up on the best side of the internet. I have found my people. See below:

Moments like this is what the internet is for.

I’m going to be singing this jingle for a while because now I can’t get it out of my head. To my neighbors—I’m sorry.

Author: Marz

⪻ she | siya ⪼
I am a 1.5 generation Filipino-Chinese American immigrant, born in Makati and raised in Southern California. I write, paint, cook, express. Professionally, I am with a national nonprofit organization working on public health, behavioral health, and health justice issues. My background is in education, research, medicine, and health policy and law. Casually, I am a cat lady.
 Based in Los Angeles, California.

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