A Complex Anatomy

It’s true that the eyes allow to see what’s near and in the distance
That the ears grasp a melody both familiar and new
The nose, which triggers surprise but also memories of past
The mouth, home of a tongue both gentle and sharp
The hands, which create with the finest brushstrokes but also build monuments that rival the sky
The legs, which carry you to distances once weary to reach
The feet, delicate but striking force on a treacherous earth
The mind, the ruler of a kingdom, waging wars to foster peace
But it is the heart that will bring you to your knees
It beats with an abandon that will have you stop in your tracks
A warrior that wears the scars of stories untold
But also, so vulnerable, as to bring the most brave to journey to the deepest pools of tears
The heart, a timekeeper, pulsating with the breath of day and the quiet of night
Your heart—it is that piece which sets the stage
And without the heart, we are unshaped
It cradles our hopes and dreams
With a caress so tender, yet fragile
So we protect it with the utmost care,
Often draping it with fear
But we must not forget about the heart
We must remember to feed it
That palpable throb which leaves us hungry for air
For when left breathless for too long,
The force which gives flow to nourish
Starts to forget its own name
So remember your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, legs, feet, and mind—
But also never forget the heart,
Because without the heart, one will lose:
The openness to seek
That flick, that tickle in rhythms that compel us to move
The memory of the brine in the sea air
That voice which compels us to speak our true names
With the calling to write our personal convictions
That force which pushes us past horizons
The quiteness to tread softly while the tired rest
The imagination to ache with strength and compassion
So remember the heart,
That part of you which beats without command
But also that part which melts when  moved
For your heart is a reminder
That even the most determined parts need kindness and care

Author: Marz

⪻ she | siya ⪼
I am a 1.5 generation Filipino-Chinese American immigrant, born in Makati and raised in Southern California. I write, paint, cook, express. Professionally, I am with a national nonprofit organization working on public health, behavioral health, and health justice issues. My background is in education, research, medicine, and health policy and law. Casually, I am a cat lady.
 Based in Los Angeles, California.

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