The moments in between

In between the rush of work, I found some time yesterday to slow my pace and seek silence. I thought I’d share some rooftop views of the city: on one side, the sun stretching out its rays with a final exhale before meeting the horizon; on the other, the city welcoming a quiet stillness before nightfall.

I often find it hard to sit still. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything and with everyone, especially during these times that require so much delicate attention, reflection, and action. Yesterday and today, I’m spending some time thinking about my own origin story and the labor of my ancestors bringing me to this time and place. What will my own descendants say about today? What do we have the license to rewrite and retell?

Morning Rituals

I open my eyes and stretch out my arms, reaching towards the banig mounted over my bed. I breathe in the soft must of the straw.

I look west to gauge the time. My parol lantern hangs by the window. It’s October, so I’m excited to plug it in, even if Christmas is still two months away.

I grind my coffee beans, plug in my kettle, and shake out my French press, trinkets of luxuries very different from my lola’s Folgers and the pan de sal she taught me to dip.

I brush my teeth with Sensodyne toothpaste, even if I don’t have sensitive teeth. My tita, once a dentist in the Philippines and now a dental hygienist in Australia, insists.

I sit by my desk in front of a bookshelf filled with books my nanay dreamed to one day gift to me. I’ve been building my collection since college.

I get to work on the laptop Nanay bought me after someone broke into my apartment and stole mine. She insisted that I not pay her back.

My coffee is ready. I take a sip and I smile.

A Home like That

What will it take for me to live in a home like that?
A home I couldn't even construct in my dreams
Expansive borders I've never seen
Ceilings that rival my imagination
What will it take for me to live in a home like that?
Gated by leaves perfectly placed one-by-one
Perched above the city
Quietly overlooking the minutiae of bustle and noise
What will it take for me to live in a home like that?
Room reaching farther than any home I've known
Accents polished to a gleam that force my eyes shut
Antiques and silver too hot to touch
What would it take for me to live in a home like that?
More rooms than people to swallow a space
Does it have a guest room for the housekeeper and nanny?
Would they look like me?

when waters meet

the current carries a wave
a set of ripples clashing, colliding, building
a movement of memories
collected from time and space, life and death
a continuous flow,
no beginning, no end
a churning
resolved, only with
a final grasp at the shore
or the pull of another—
a dance of warm and cool,
serene, tempestuous,
unmistakable counterparts
of a larger ocean